Touch of Elegance

Aesthetic and sophisticated. The key here is to express the essentials with minimum means. In line with the purist approach to design, the color palette also appears modest, with restrained natural tones – from pure white to rose gold, a shiny but cool grey and black. Limited number of materials and colors is involved and they captivate our attention through the consistency and perfection with which they are used. 

The collection Touch of Elegance is inspired by the pure Nordic Scandinavian style, which has been a dominant style worldwide recently. It is based on simplicity and connection with nature. In this new collection, only three basic colors - whiteblack and gold - were used in the color palette. Even the hand-painted decoration of the individual ornaments is carried in a minimalist spirit. The decors contain strips and dots, some of the baubles are decorated with the precise slim lines. So, if you prefer an elegance, this collection is the right one for you.

The base color in this collection is snow-white, which looks like it's almost as if it were porcelain ornaments. The collection includes several types of decors and decorative techniques. For example, a combination of hand painting with glued components and beads, or very precise linear minimalist decors that we bring this year as a complete novelty. In addition to the classic shape - bauble, the collection also includes original shapes such as a drop or swan.