Sweet Temptation

For joyful moments: cheerfulelegant, pastel colors come face to face with a colorful mix of materials and patterns. This look takes contrast to new heights so that it becomes the concept.

Extremely diverse design elements come together here: glamorous and sporty, delicate and intense, every-day and spectacular. The dominant tones are pink, lemon, mandarin and azure combined with a delicate rosé. This imaginative use of motifs and colors extends from delicate blossom and butterflies to exciting, spray-color effects and in-your-face fluorescent neon elements. In this world of fantasy, there is room for anything and everything that brings joy and makes people happy. The cheerful color palette underlines the playful character of this eclectic collection of objects. Discover our glass Christmas ornaments designed in tempting shades of mint green and pastel pink. The collection is enriched with shapes of pine conecandy, Christmas candy canes and sweet little bird.